Membrane, bellows and protectors

Soffietto gommaIndustrial protection elements consisting of a mobile bellows part (in special fabrics or rubber) and two fittings for fixing. The shape of the mobile part can be cylindrical, conical or convex.
Telescopic protectors are also available.
Protezioni a disegnoCustomised solutions are made by sewing the technical fabrics we have available and according to the customer's needs and design for special protections.
Membrane preformate-vtThey have a variety of uses and can come into contact with the most diverse materials.
They are made of different types of rubber and can also have textile inserts to increase resistance to mechanical stress or PTFE coatings for specific applications.
TappiWe have plastic protections for all production sectors in the industry: caps, undercaps, flange and hole protectors, thread covers, protections for pipe terminals, containers, caps and many other products.