Inflatable seals

Guarnizioni gonfiabili Sezione guarnizione gonfiabile Gonfiabile Gonfiabile valvola vulcanizzata Gonfiabile valvola vulcanizzata
Inflatable seals , made of elastomeric materials, are a safe and effective solution for ensuring an optimal seal in the presence of moving parts with significant and variable gap.

As well as ensuring a perfect seal on surfaces with irregularities, they can also be used as pneumatic sealing devices under special conditions.

They are often used in sealing hatches, portholes, rapid closing doors, acoustic insulation, isothermal chambers, etc.

They are made by mould vulcanisation of a profile with a section designed in such a way as to allow, during the blowing in of air, such an eversion as to guarantee the seal.

The insertion of the valve, either mechanically or by over-moulding, is followed by an accurate pressure test to certify its tightness.

The choice of profile is determined by the type of application.