The product catalogue of ADAMS ITALIA is very wide and embraces various product categories as well as different sectors and fields of application.
Mainly we can distinguish two different areas:

  • the purely industrial area, where articles of wide use in the energy, steel, naval, railway and machine maintenance industries converge.
  • the food and pharmaceutical area which includes highly specialised technical items for these delicate applications, made from the highest quality materials and accompanied by certifications.
Each category has been enlarged to offer the most complete variety possible: from the simplest gaskets such as O-rings to the most technological ones such as inflatable gaskets, from asbestos-free sheets and rubbers to customised gaskets, from drawn profiles to moulded parts, from semi-finished products in plastic and insulating materials to finished products with machine processing and finally rubber, PVC and coated fabric hoses.

The peculiarity of the ADAMS ITALIA catalogue lies in the fact that we have tried to place alongside the standard and more commercial items also those products that are difficult to find without having to purchase large batches.

With this in mind, we have the possibility of supplying most of the seals for hydraulics, pneumatics and hydraulics in just a few days, and in most cases just one piece. In particular, with this service, we have the possibility of supplying O-rings of ANY size in diameter and cord made from a mould and therefore with a much higher guarantee of tightness than hot-joined ones.