Thermoplastic hoses and elastic spirals

Spirale elasticaThermoplastic flexible hoses for low and high pressure, for applications in the pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication fields, resistant to chemical products such as solvents and paints, manufactured in various types in single, multiple or spiral versions.

The materials used are:
  • Rilsan PA11
  • Polyamide 1
  • Nylon PA6
  • Polyurethane 95 and 98 sh, UV resistant and screened
  • Hytrel (TPC-ET)
  • Kynar (PVDF)
  • Polyethylene
  • Smooth PTFE
  • Corrugated PTFE
  • Convoluted PTFE
  • Silicone

Self-extinguishing and flame retardant pipes are also available.