Silicone foam sheets

Full range of both closed and open cell silicone sheets.

Our standard silicone sponges are available in 1 m widths and in rolls up to 10 m with a smooth finish on both sides. Sheets above 15mm thickness are normally supplied in 1m x 1m format. Standard colours include, but are not limited to, white, black, oxide red, blue and grey. Our standard silicone sponge sheets are available in four different qualities: densities of 200, 250, 400 and 500 Kg/m3.

All our silicone sponges are available plain or with adhesive backing and can be supplied in sheet form or made into strips, seals, and finished products.

In addition to standard silicone, specialist sponges including high recovery, fluorosilicone and heat-conductive are also available.