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Combi + GDTThe rotary shaft seal have the function to prevent contamination between different types of fluid from the inside or outside.

Our production of sealing rings offers you a wide choice of sizes and types.

The elastomers used are NBR, VITON, SILICONE, EPDM, POLYACRYLIC. They can also be supplied with Aisi 302 or Aisi 316 stainless steel springs.

They comply with the DIN 3760 standard and the choice of the appropriate type of construction, from the following list, depends on various parameters including: type of fluid, peripheral speed, operating temperature, pressure.

  • Type A Sealing ring for universal use, with internal metal part covered with rubber.

  • Type AS Sealing ring for use as type A but with additional dust lip, used in dusty environments to prevent dirt from entering.

  • Type B Sealing ring with single ground external metal reinforcement

  • Type BS as type B but with additional dust lip.

  • Type C Sealing ring with double outer metal reinforcement, ground, box-shaped.

  • Type CS as type C but with additional dust lip.

  • Type GDT Sealing ring with two sealing lips complete with grip spring ensuring sealing in two different media.

Other types (SPLIT, RADIAL SEALS) are available on request.

V-rings are rotary shaft rings made entirely of rubber. The seal is guaranteed by the pressure exerted by its flexible lip. Depending on the type of lip, VA VL VS VE versions are available.
Tenute radialiRADIAL SEALS
In the case of very slow rotary movements, radial seals consisting of a ptfe ring filled with an elastomer energizing ring can also be used. They are available in both internal and external seal versions.
Tenute speciali - grafiteSPECIAL SEALS
We can produce sealing elements for special applications, in liquid or dry environments, where certain characteristics such as high wear resistance, thermal stability and mechanical resistance to high pressures are required.

Rings in carbon, carbographite, ceramised graphite, Ptfe, Ptfe + carbographite, etc.