Express Services

Although a component that is often underestimated, even at the design stage, the gasket is nevertheless a fundamental element in the operation of the system and its importance is often manifested in cases of failure due to wear or during maintenance with the difficulty of finding elements that are sometimes out of stock or non-standard.

Speed in restoring operation can really limit the economic losses caused by system downtime due to an element that often has a very low price.

The Express services are born precisely from the need to meet the requirements of companies that need small batches of items, often not easily available on the market, in a very short time for quick repairs or prototypes.

As far as piston seals, piston rods, scrapers, anti-extrusion rings and guide elements are concerned, we have our machining service.

The Express service, on the other hand, which concerns O-rings, allows us to exploit an innovative technology to supply in a few working days PRINTED rings (and not hot-joined) of ANY size in terms of internal diameter and size cord, even in minimum batches (1 piece only!). With this technology it is therefore possible to have even large O-rings (diameters up to 6 mt).

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