Since it was founded in 1991 as ADAMS ITALIA snc, the company has evolved over time to better meet the needs of the growing niche market trasferimento that it has managed to conquer and consolidate over time.

With a view to constant improvement, which took place through the change of company name to ADAMS ITALIA SRL in 2000 and the move in 2009 from the historical headquarters in Pegli to the current headquarters in Campi, the company has always given great importance to innovation, maintaining its identity as a young and dynamic company constantly careful to market changes.
The new location in the middle of the industrial area, with a more efficient network of transport services, has made it possible to triple the working area, increasing the quality and efficiency of the work.

The first service that ADAMS ITALIA wants to offer its customers is the security of having found a reliable PARTNER ready to provide support and advice in the complicated world of gaskets.

The quality of the raw and finished materials combined with a competitive price in all departments, even where there is no direct production, thanks to solid agreements established with leading companies in the sector, has meant that ADAMS ITALIA has entered the list of suppliers of leading companies on the national scene, such as: Ansaldo Energia, Riva Group, Piaggio Aero Industries, Enel, Fincantieri and others.

04/07/2012 Goodbye Fra

Francesco Marello  Co-founder Adams Italy

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